Birthday card for Granny

My dear Granny (Bestemor in Norwegian) turns 94 (!) and I made her a card. I don’t always make cards for everyone in the family, it depends on if I have time and mojo at the moment. But when we last met she told me that she always looks forward to my cards, ”now that I’ve realised they’re actually hand made!” so this time I couldn’t NOT make her one. 🙂

Since my granny is British and used to live in London (up to WW II when she met my Norwegian granddad and moved with him to Norway) I thought the London line papers would be perfect. I bought them at Blade rubber stamps in London some years ago. 

I die cut the letters in the front using Sizzixx Tim Holtz Alphabetical die. I also used my retro dymo which I got for Christmas by said Granny. She totally understands me!! 

She’s a really cool old lady, 94 years and still going strong, travelling from Norway to Sweden twice a year to meet me and the rest if the family. Two years ago she even went to Czech Republic, to visit the marriage between my brother and his Czech wife. I do wish I’ll get to be as old, bold, kind and intelligent as she is! 🙂

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