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Birthday card for Granny

My dear Granny (Bestemor in Norwegian) turns 94 (!) and I made her a card. I don’t always make cards for everyone in the family, it depends on if I have time and mojo at the moment. But when we … Läs mer

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Thank you card with Wild sprout Bree

Hi there, I hope you’ve had a great summer! I’ve been in vacation for almost six weeks but now it’s back to work again. Actually I kind of look forward to it, too… 🙂 This card, which is quite clean … Läs mer

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Birthday card with Dorothy from TGF

Hello again, Spring has finally arrived here in Gothenburg, Sweden – lovely! This card features another stamp from the TGF ”Signature set”, namely Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I paper pieced her dress and her little dog (Toto, isn’t … Läs mer

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